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In body, what I was taught on August 12, 2010 at 12:26 pm

My formal sex-ed consisted of exactly one week in Junior High. We filled out the obligatory anatomical charts and if we didn’t already know where babies came from, they let us know. That was about the sum total, other than the fairly regular chapel sessions about waiting until marriage.

When I look back at how my Christian high school treated sex two words come to mind: shame and embarrassment. Our bodies were out to betray us and we had better make sure that didn’t happen.

Sex was applauded as a beautiful thing in the context of marriage, to build intimacy and to make babies. No one really wanted to talk about how desire and pleasure are part of being human and powerful and very enjoyable.

I wonder what would have happened if my sex-ed teachers had celebrated our bodies, praising them for how beautiful and mysterious and powerful they are and asking us to use them wisely, instead of exhorting us on their dangers. I probably would have made all the same decisions I did about my sexuality, but I would have made those decisions from a place of confidence and empowerment, rather than from fear or anxiety.

What did you get out of your sex-ed? I’d love to know.



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